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If you stream on Twitch you have probably seen someone do a subathon before. A subathon can mean a couple of things, but I know it as: the streamer has to keep going as long as people keep subbing.

Before I wrote this program, friends were manually doing the times for subscribers and had to do math after having been live for over 18 hours. Needless to say, a program that does this for you would be nice. This is such a program.

Subathon Evolved attempts to help you if you stream on Twitch and use StreamElements or StreamLabs.

> Please update to version if you haven't already!

Subathon in action

General Setup

  1. You decide that you are going to do a subathon. You decide how much time each subscriber will add to the timer, and what your base starting time is. Let’s say: 10 minutes per subscriber and starting at 6 hours (this 100% depends on how many viewers/subscribers/gifters. Expect people to go HAM, but don’t be upset if that doesn’t happen. You never know )
  2. You decide if bits should make a difference for the time
  3. You decide if donations should make a difference for the time
  4. You download Subathon Evolved
  5. You open the timer, and agree to the warning. (It’s just there for my sanity. Please don’t stream for 48 hours and injure yourself)
  6. In OBS (or SLOBS) add a text source. Set the text source to read from a file, and set the file path to be the clock.txt file in the folder with the program. You can also add the bits, donations and subscription counters if you want.
  7. Set up the timer. See below for settings details
  8. Start your stream! It should be all working now.

The Settings Screen

The settings screen may seem somewhat daunting but it’s really not! I have divided the screen in neat little sections. We’ll go over those here.

Account Setup

This timer only works if you have a StreamLabs or StreamElements account connected (not both!). In order to do so, the application uses their socket API for near-instant updates.

  1. Click one of the plug buttons on the right

  2. Enter your socket API token. Your Streamlabs token is found here. Find your StreamElements token here.

  3. You should see your account connect.

Donations & Bits

If you want to allow your viewers to use donations to lower time (or increase it!) toggle the donations ON with the toggle (1). To switch what happens, press the toggle at (2). Then, decide what the minimum amount donated is at (3) and set the amount of seconds per x dollars.

For example: I want a minimum of $5, and every $5 I want to remove 600 seconds. If someone donates $15, that will be 1800 seconds.

Bits work the same as donations.

Subscriptions & Resubscriptions (& gift subs)

This is the main reason you’re doing this! So let’s enable subscribers (1).

Subscriptions are divided in 4 categories:

(2) Twitch Prime
(3) Tier 1 subscription
(4) Tier 2 subscription
(5) Tier 3 subscription

Set these up according to your own taste. Resubs work the same way! Gift subs don’t have their own category but they are all work.


The clock screen is the main screen. It has the clock ticking on it, pause/lock controls and other buttons. Let’s see what’s on there:

(1) - Version number
(2) - Uptime
(3) - Limiter remaining time
(4) - The current time left on the clock
(5) - Pause button. Pauses the count down.
(6) - Lock button. The clock won’t stop, but donations/bits/subscriptions don’t do anything
(7) - Set a time limiter. This opens a little dialog where you can set a limit on the time that can be added
(8) - Edit the time on the clock
(9) - The total amount of bits during this session
(10) - The total amount of subs during this session
(11) - The total amount of donations during this session
(12) - Change the donation counter
(13) - Change the subscriber counter
(14) - Change the bit counter
(15) - Open the settings
(16) - Donate to me! :)
(17) - Help page (which I guess is broken at the moment)

Have fun!

That should be all that is needed to set up. Import the txt files in OBS and go from there!