Dustin's Coffee Corner


Hi, I am Dustin Slane and I develop software! Find my projects below.

🌟 Premium FiveM resources

MossyCode.com sells premium FiveM QBCore resources that I have made. If you are looking for some unique scripts for your server, look no further!


👉 Subathon Evolved

Subathon Evolved is a reliable and proven subathon timer. It will run for days and process over 100K subs with ease. Streamers like IronMouse and DoubleLift have used this timer to great success.

Get the timer here

Bespoke Software

If you would like to comission me to write you a program, please reach out to me on Twitter or send me an e-mail and we can discuss further!


I will stream on Twitch from time to time, mostly FiveM resource development. I have embedded my stream down here: