Hello, welcome!

This is my corner of the internet, where I (sometimes) write about stuff but mostly consume vast quantities of coffee and post about some side-projects. I usually don’t have much to say, so it might be slow. Any tidbits I spent forever on researching I’ll try and write a little bit about.

I am a software engineering student. Most of the time I am working on Beacon Roleplay, a roleplaying community that mainly revolves around FiveM, a GTA-V modification platform. Check us out over at https://beaconrp.com :)

Other then that, find links to me and/or my work in the footer of this page. I stream every once in a blue moon and I should really do it more often, but when I do stream it’s mostly development work such as ASP.NET Core or C# when I am working on mods.

I hope some stuff on my little corner has helped you.